A Pottery Equestrian Figure with an African
A Large Blackware Amphora
A Neolithic Painted Black Pottery Tripod Vessel
A Green Glazed Pottery Model of a Watchtower
A Neolithic Black Pottery Stem Cup
A Grey Pottery Model of a Tea House
A Pair of Cloisonné Palace Jars with Covers
A Magnificent Painted Granary Container
A Painted Pottery Earth Spirit
A Unique Massive Cloisonné Dragon Fish Censer
A Dingyao Oil Lamp
A Massive Amber-glazed Pottery Figure of a Horse
A Rare Sancai Pottery Money Chest
A Huanghuali Table
A Neolithic White Earthenware Stem Cup
A Cizhou Painted 'Zhang Family' Rectangular Pillow
A Sancai Glazed Figure of a Lokapala
Cai Guo-Qiang
A Bronze and Enamel Cloisonné Lidded Censer
An Impressive Dreamstone Hongmu Table Screen
A Wide Shallow Warring States Pottery Bowl
An Archaic Ritual Bronze Fanglei Vessel
A Painted Pottery Figure of a Prancing Horse
A Large Painted Pottery Model of a Foreigner
A Jizhou Tortoiseshell-glazed Bowl
A Majiayao Neolithic Jar
A Lingbi Scholar's Rock
A Molded Ding Ware Bowl with Inscription
A Qianlong Dragon Tea Pot
A Southern Song Qingbai Vase
A Pair of Large Cloisonné Facetted Vases with Covers
A Neolithic Black Tripod Pottery Ewer
A Very Large Grey Pottery 'Cocoon' Jar
A Sancai Egg and Spinach Tiger Skin Bowl
Yi Yuanji
A Phoenix-Head Ewer
A Pair of Cloisonné Baluster Form Vases
A Yuan Dynasty Storage Jar
A Russet Glazed Pottery Jar
A Northen Song Deep Bowl
A Neolithic Machang Phase Painted Jar
A Guanyao Foliate Brush Washer
A Han Dynasty Painted Pottery Attendant Figure
A Neolithic Period Pottery Bowl
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